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First Americans is a new historical and ethnographical magazine/almanac, its first issue was released at the end of 1996. The main goal is to concentration the cultures of Americas indigeneous people, the Indians and Eskimoes - those who were the first ones to live on this continent, long before the white man came. For several centuries the Indian way has been like the beacon in the mad flow of "civilization" and "progress", it was been the ideal meritorious enought to be copied - has been and continues to be. This almanac is about the first americans, about their religion and philosophy, about their past and present, about their culture that is the subject of interest to the specialists and amateurs all over the world.

The principal standpoint of the almanac's editors is reliability and trustworthiness off oll the materials being published. The main task is to reflect the succession of the historical and cultural traditions of the indigeneous people. We hope that this topic will help many of us to realize their own roots, will teach us to respect the past and to carefully keep it. The almanac will also publish the information about new books on the subject, about those Russians who study the Indian life and way and about their contacts with American Indians, interesting interviews with Indian leaders, painters, musicians, excerpts from American Indian press, videoreview and a lot more about Native Americans.

The editors invite you to acquire the 1st & the 2nd issues of the almahacs and subscribe to the future issues. The coloured cover, A-4 format, ca 100 pages, around 50 illustrations and photographs. One issue costs 45 thousand roubles (US $7) plus delivery (US $3). The second issue will come out in the second quarter of 1998 and you may recive it then if you send 60 thousand roubles to the address below. We plan to release one (two) issues a year, each one cousisting of ca 100 pages.

The almanac seek sponsors & publishers!

Unfortunately, financial standing of the almanac's editors is very limited. Because of this the draw of each issue does not exceed 500. To lower the cost and to make the almanac available to more readers, it is necessary to increase the draw and to better the system of circulating. That's why we are loocing for sponsors & publisher, who may be interested in the professional magazine on American Indians.

We are planning to increase the number of authorised materials and also invite writers, painters, as well as translaters, those who may want to use our space for their advertisments and who may help with circulation. We are also interested in the translations of books and articles on the Indians of North America which you may have, and also in your suggestions about the contents and the appearance of the almanac.


Your letters will be welcome at the following address:

Oleg Yasenenko, Editor First Americans
P.B. 178
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 196244
phone 7 812 2627730 (any day from 7 pm till 11 pm)

We wait for your letters and calls!